Find the Perfect Wedding Venue to Suit Your Personality

On one’s wedding day, it’s important that they let their personality shine. That is the one day where you want to be just 100% yourself while you spend some quality time with your friends and family. And you won’t be able to feel like you if you’re in a space that doesn’t reflect that, or that you don’t feel comfortable in. And while you might think that you’ll feel good no matter where you are, here are a few suggestions to help you figure out where your dream day would take place – according to your personality.

Lets talk Romance

Weddings are all about that, and if you have always been dreaming of getting married like a true princess, then getting married in an old-timey castle setting like Curzon Hall is what will make your dreams come true. Make sure you have a dress and decorations to match, with a lot of classical, floral details. If you are getting married in a warmer season, castles usually have beautiful gardens and you can have your ceremony there.

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This is especially good for a themed wedding since authentic castles might not give you the option to decorate the walls to your liking – unless your theme is “fairytale”, then you’re in the perfect place.

For Foodies

If you think that the obvious answer here is going to be “restaurant”, you might be right, if that’s your thing. But, why not take it one step further than that?

If you are fans of fine cheese, why not have your wedding on a dairy farm, where you can not only have fresh cheese platters on every table, but you will be in the wonderful company of grass-fed cows. Or if you are more wine-lovers, there are plenty of beautiful vineyards where you can have a constant supply of local wine, and take a tour to see how it’s made right there on site.

Or, of course, you can book your favorite restaurant, where you are familiar with the waiters, you love the chef’s food and you know you will have a good time.

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For the sporty one

Whether you and your partner are professional athletes or just people who enjoy watching and participating in sports, your dream venue should reflect that. But, it’s still a wedding, and a plain basketball court just won’t cut it, so consider golf courses in Sydney, as they are sporty, but very glamorous at the same time.

You will get a stunning location with great views and plenty of sporting opportunities, but also all of the amenities you need for your ceremony and afterparty, like the restaurant and stunning outdoor aisle.

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For the nature lover

If you could live in a tent under the stars – you probably would. You love spending time in nature and you want your wedding to be where you are the happiest. Planning an outdoor wedding is not always so simple, because you need to get the date just right if you want good weather on your side. This is why it’s important to find a location like a farm with a barn, where you have an indoor option is the weather takes a turn for the worse. Another option is to put up tents on the location that are sturdy enough to withstand wind and rain, and big enough so that everyone can fit underneath them without feeling cramped. Consider a hut on your favorite hiking route, a camping spot in the forest, or just start driving and find a field you love (and then check if it belongs to anyone).

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Getting married in a familiar setting you love will only deepen your love for that place, but it will also make you very calm. A wedding is a hectic event with a lot of stress around it, but if every time you have to solve a problem, you are going to a location you love, it will make it that much easier. Make sure it’s a place that means something for both you and your partner, so nobody feels left out. If you know couples who have gotten married at that location before, talk to them to hear their experience and see if there are any special details you should be paying attention to.

Author : Georgia Selih

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